A downloadable Battle

Simple but super fun 2-4 player space battle game. Try and blast each other. supports keyboard but better with a joypad.

Controls: 360 Joypad X 2to 4

LS: turn,   A: Thrust ,  X: Charge'n'shoot,    RB/LB: Thrust Left/right

Keyboard: Player 1

A/D turn left/right,   W:Thrust,   Spacebar:Charge'n'shoot,   Q/E: Thrust Left/right

Keyboard: Player 2,3 and 4,(Just for amusement)

LefrArrow/RightArrow turn left/right,   RShift:Thrust,   Enter:Charge'n'shoot,  '/#: Thrust Left/right

Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments, or more likely requests for expansion and features.

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Published 37 days ago
Tags2player, 4player, Arcade, Shooter, vs

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, click on the exe file. 


SpaceTimeDemo_20171113.zip 38 MB